Tuesday, October 6, 2009

House Season 6 Episode 3 - The Tyrant

Well let me start off by welcoming House back. Wow what an episode. We have evil, good and the always, make that usually sarcastic Dr. Greg House. As soon as the episode started and I got the first glance of James Earl Jones, the first thing I said to my wife was "all the trekkies are flipping out right now." Which I later realized that I shouldn't have said cause I was talking about myself, but back to House.

So James Earl Jones played an evil dictator named President Dibala, that was about commint genocide in his country in Africa. So there was a lot of animosity surrounding saving him (mostly from Dr. Cameron). Dr. Chase on the other hand, believed that he had to save him because it was his sworn duty to do no harm. In the mean time, House still doesn't have his medical lisence so the only thing he can do is offer his medical opinion and not go anywhere near the patient, meaning Foreman is still in charge. Of course there issues with him firing 13 the week prior and he's of course angry that House is back to replace him once again.

Chase later speaks with someone who tried to kill Dibala because of what he was about to do to the people back home, only gaining knowledge of what kind of dictator he really is. After doing so, Chase went and confronted Dibala, to which he confessed openly what he had planned when he got home.

Fast Forward...

Dibala dies due to a wrong diagnosis, that was brought on by a false test that pointed to sclerodoma. What we later find out after Foreman decides to do some digging, is that false test was falsified on purpose, by Chase, in order to stop Dibala from going home and killing all those people. Foreman confronts Chase, but then later decides to burn the evidence that incriminates Chase.

The whole time, House was having issues with Wilson's downstairs neighbor, but that was pretty boring, not typical House stuff that I don't wanna get into cause the rest of the story was more interesting. Besides, House's sarcasm during the differential was way more interesting and comforting since it reverts back to his usual format.

All together, I give this episode a huge thumbs up! it was a great, it was a step towards the House we know and Love. Lots of controversy and lots of questionable ethical decisions, this is what we all have grown to love about House.

Spoiler Alert!! Don't read on if you don't want to know!

According to sources, it looks like because of what happened at the end of this episode, in the near future, Jennifer Morrison who plays Dr. Allison Cameron is going to be leaving the show. We don't know why exactly, there has been a lot of speculation but none of them sound very reputable. This is what Katie Jacobs had to say about her leaving "The storyline begins after a visiting African dictator, played by James Earl Jones, receives a controversial treatment at Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital in the October 5 episode. “Cameron’s reaction [to the situation] is that she needs to separate from her husband and marriage and proximity from the hospital,” Jacobs explained."

The next episode of House will air next Monday on Fox at 8pm when a rich businessman brings his son, who's suffering from stomach pain, to Princeton Plainsboro, and believes he's a victim of his wealthy position and success.

As always, here is the preview:


At October 13, 2009 at 2:39 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cameron is leaving!?? Oh my goodness. You didn't tell me this news. I am a little sad, I really like Cameron!


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