Monday, October 5, 2009

Season 6 Premier

So last season we left Dr. House walking into the mental institution in order to go through his drug rehab to over come his vicodin addiction. Season 6 premiered unlike any other House episode ever, boring!!!

Wow! they took everything that we have grown to love about House and turned it upside down. They tried something similar to this in the season 3 premier and ended up resorting right back to normal House by episode 3. So if this is what they're doing again, then please lets get to it! Why is House sharing his feelings? why does he think he's broken? Since when does he actually believe enough in therapy to actually trust a psychiatrist? This is everything that we've known House not to be, and now he is after the first episode? COME ON!!

I get it, the writers are trying something new with the show, but for God's sake, don't take away House's essence, it made the show what it is today!

Here's a preview of episode 2 which will be airing next Monday at 8pm on Fox.

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