Sunday, August 30, 2009

House Season 6 Spoilers

OK! so we last saw Dr. House walking into the mental institution. He was hallucinating seeing Amber, Kutner and having sex with Cuddy. Season 5 kind of left us with a pretty bitter taste in our mouths, so what should we expect of our favorite doctor for season 6. Here are some of the main spoilers that I've put together from various sources.

For those of you who are not into computers and the internet and aren't (or too lazy) to research and try and figure out what is about to happen or what they think is about to happen on season 6, here are some spoilers

So from here on out - SPOILER ALERT!

- The 2-hour Season 6 premier is going to start off right where season 5 left us, House walking into the mental institution. (where House debuts his partially shaved head).

- The first few episodes (or more) will be surrounding House in the mental institution. Of course he will think he is well enough to go back to work and his doctor will of course disagree. While back at the plantation house (Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital) Foreman is in charge of the team, and obviously everyone will be second guessing him as well as second guessing themselves.

- Wilson's love life will be further explored this season, according to Robert Sean Leonard (Dr. Wilson), his love life this season will be "anything but non-existent"

- And finally, of course, what's going to happen with Huddy? Well since Cuddy and House never did actually have sex, apparently now there is still a chance that they're going to get together this season.

Now I will repeat myself, these are UNCONFIRMED spoilers from other that I've put together for everyone to read and think about.

Check out the most recent previews for the upcoming season 6 which will premier on Sept 21st at 8pm on Fox

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